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Rich backgrounds in helping clients communicate memorably and effectively.
DPI has worked with some of the leading names in most every industry. We have deep experience in developing direct marketing, collateral and interactive efforts to a range of constituencies. And while many of our current clients have highly detailed and technical offerings, our goal is always to uphold the brand image and tone through communications that are fresh, easy to understand and act upon.

Our clients share a common need.
Our large clients typically call us to help them in specific areas of their marketing mix – most often direct mail, collateral, print or electronic communications. Smaller businesses typically ask us to help them navigate their overall growth with marketing strategy and tactics across a range of disciplines. Yet as diverse as they are, our clients all depend on us to implement cost-efficient efforts that either generate new customers, retain them or simply drive inquiries – with our goal being to outperform previous programs with plans and executions that succeed at multiple points of contact.
dave parrish
president, creative director